Dr. Christopher Wolf

Dr. Christopher Wolf

History/Biology Teacher

Dr. Wolf is an educator with diverse experience who comes to the left coast from New Jersey. He received his BA in history at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia. He worked for several years as a restaurant manager and was able to save up money to go back to school. He received his Masters in the Art of Teaching at the College of New Jersey and was offered a position to teacher in LAUSD schools almost immediately. He came to Los Angeles in 2008 and worked Hamilton High School as a history teacher. The following year he opened Sal Castro Middle School and worked as the social science department chair in addition to his teaching studies. The following year he became a magnet history teacher for Crenshaw High School, and a water polo coach. Before he left the school he was the social science department chair again. He then worked with at-risk students working for the Elementary and Secondary Community Day School, teaching all subjects from middle school to high school. Most recently he taught Chemistry and AP Chemistry at Helen Bernstein High School where he had a 75% pass rate for the AP exam in the last year he taught it. Once again he was a department chair, but this time for the science department. He just recently completed his doctorate in Educational Leadership from Calstate Los Angeles and joined the magnet program at Bernstein, where he is teaching both science and history. He focuses on students developing their ability to use evidence to support claims, which applies directly to college and career readiness. He integrates cinematic arts and technologies into the core subject areas, as well as providing students opportunities to conduct interdisciplinary projects.

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RM: 505

Ex. 89-1505

E-mail: christopher.wolf@lausd.net

Helen Bernstein High School

1309 N Wilton Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90028