Helpful Websites

This age is full of helpful websites for everything from choosing a major and choosing a school, to making a college plan and MORE!


This page includes general information about standardized tests for college as well as when to take them, how to register and more. We’ve also given helpful resources for preparing for these tests.

University of California (UC) Schools

Learn about the 10 UC schools and their requirements. We also break down the application process, including the online application and personal statements.

California State University (CSU) Schools

Learn about the 23 CSU options and their requirements, as well as the application process and Educational Opportunity Program.

Private and Out of State Universities

This page dispels myths about private colleges as well as walks you through the Private and Out-of-State University admission process, especially the Common Application.

2 Year Schools

Learn about the various 2 year options, from community colleges to trade schools. This page is very helpful for both seniors planning to apply and younger students trying to get ahead.


Senior year can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to do to prepare for and apply to college. Let us break it down for you and give you some tips along the way!


Junior year is a very important year for colleges. The college application process actually starts during this year and it’s important to start preparing.


It’s time to start thinking about how you can be a competitive applicant. Check out our resources and advice for sophomores.


You should start preparing for college your freshman year. It’s called a “process” for a reason. Check out our tips and resources for being prepared and getting ahead.

Financial Aid

You can afford college! This page includes an overview of the different types of financial aid as well as helpful resources for scholarships, FAFSA and more!

College Visits & Fly In Programs

It’s important to explore your options and the best way is to visit! You have a lot of options to make that happen.