This site is full of helpful websites for everything from choosing a major and choosing a school, to making a college plan and MORE!


Researching your college options is a huge part of the process. There are so many schools, all unique in their own way and each with so much to offer. Finding a school that has the qualities you’re looking for is so important in motivating yourself for college as well as being happy and successful once you are there.


Check out these great websites to see what’s out there!– Find and compare colleges, make a personalized step by step plan, explore careers and majors, and more! – Great for finding and comparing colleges. Allows you to search by size, program and more.  Search results are clear and show comparisons to national averages.– This is a great site for researching colleges. We love their “College Matching Assistant”– Online matchmaker. Students create a profile that goes beyond G.P.A and test scores to help students find the best college matches for them.– This site is all about unfiltered and unbiased college reviews from really students. They also have a college matching service.– Learn about what you can do with dozens of majors as well as what to expect from them academically.– Not sure what you want to major in? This site offers an assessment and uses the results to help match you to majors that may be interesting to you.