You need 3 pieces of information before you can reset your password at

  1. District ID Number (your teacher can look this up on their roster if you don’t know it)
  2. District PIN Number (your teacher can look this up in Schoology if you don’t know it)
  3. Your Date of Birth

Go to and follow the directions on the screen.





How to Look Up Student PIN Numbers & Emails in Schoology:

  1. Go to Schoology and click on the desired class(es).
  2. Click on MyMail PIN in the left hand column.
  3. Click on the Approve button (You have to do this once per class).
  4. In the right hand column (= Student PIN), hover your mouse over the #### and the PIN number will show:
  5. The students can now create or reset their LAUSD password if they forgot it: