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Powerful and fun to work with premium WordPress theme. Aperture has everything required to build a modern and clean website for any purpose – from strict business to creative style.[/vc_colored_box]

[vc_service icon_name=”fa-star” title=”Lots of Features” target=”_self” icon_color=”#f86b35″ position=”sb_right”]Vector icons, advanced theme options, huge font collection, post formats – are just some of the features.[/vc_service][vc_spacer size=”40px”][vc_service icon_name=”fa-desktop” title=”Responsive & Retina” target=”_self” position=”sb_right” href=”#” icon_color=”#f86b35″]High resolution graphics and responsive layout makes theme look great and crisp on any device and screen size.[/vc_service][vc_spacer size=”40px”][vc_service icon_name=”fa-cogs” title=”Powerful Backend” target=”_self” icon_color=”#f86b35″ position=”sb_right”]Create fast and easy with drag & drop page builder and powerful theme options. No coding required.[/vc_service][vc_spacer size=”40px”][vc_service icon_name=”fa-refresh” title=”Constant Updates” target=”_self” icon_color=”#f86b35″ position=”sb_right”]Receive lifetime free updates with new features and options to follow latest trends in web design.[/vc_service][vc_spacer size=”40px”]
[vc_service icon_name=”fa-magic” title=”Great Flexibility” target=”_self” icon_color=”#f86b35″]Starting from layout to element colors, everything can be changed to your taste.[/vc_service][vc_spacer size=”40px”][vc_service icon_name=”fa-pencil” title=”Unlimted Colors” target=”_self” icon_color=”#f86b35″]Change every color and picture. Use one click option for super easy styling or define colors individually.[/vc_service][vc_spacer size=”40px”][vc_service icon_name=”fa-briefcase” title=”Portfolios and Galleries” target=”_self” icon_color=”#f86b35″]Our theme includes amazing portfolio and gallery builders. Hassle free, super flexible and fully customizable.[/vc_service][vc_spacer size=”40px”][vc_service icon_name=”fa-comments” title=”Customer Support” target=”_self” icon_color=”#f86b35″]If you ever need help, we will be there for you. Visit our support forums to get assistance in every situation. [/vc_service]
[vc_testimonial_slider style=”layout-dark” animation=”slide” slide_speed=”5″][vc_testimonial name=”John Doe” position=”Designer” img_url=”7443″ author_dec=”Designer”]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam feugiat, nibh a eleifend placerat, tellus nisl accumsan neque.[/vc_testimonial][vc_testimonial name=”Nathan Benson” position=”Developer” img_url=”7441″ author_dec=”Designer”]Aliquam vehicula augue eget massa pretium, ut rutrum sapien laoreet. Praesent in sapien erat. Fusce ut adipiscing justo. [/vc_testimonial][/vc_testimonial_slider]