Leadership Description

Leadership is a selected student cohort here at Helen Bernstein that works on promoting a Leadership oriented culture on campus. Students promote Leadership from wearing their Dragon Gear every Friday, to organizing events for the student community such as; Welcoming Assemblies, Friday Lunch Events, Club Rush, Pep Rallies, School Dances, etc. Not only does Leadership promotes these skills and events, they promote DRAGON PRIDE, which is essential here to our Bernstein Community.

ASB Positions


Jaqueline Ponce (12th Grade)

As ASB president it is your duty to oversee the class as well as lead the executive board. You shall run/hold all Tuesday meetings with professionalism and efficiency. The president should know everything that goes on in class, and should be able to report to staff and students what is going on at any given time. Aside from running the class, as president you must be an active member in the class and have to be willing to take up any job that others don’t want to do. You are the face of ASB, people are always watching you.

Vice President

Brandon Rivas (12th Grade)

As ASB Vice President your job is to be the backbone of ASB and especially for your ASB president. You must come every day and must be ready to take over presidential duties when the president is not available.


Ada Mestas (12th Grade)

The ASB secretary is expected to take notes during official meetings. He/she is also expected to take attendance during these weekly meetings. In the absence of the ASB president and vice president the secretary must hold and run meetings.


Nathalie Benavides (12th Grade)

The treasurer plays a significant role in the finance of clubs and organizations on campus. When either a club, sport, or organization (i.e. football) requests money for any reason, the treasurer approves the request on behalf of ASB and allows the money to be obtained.