This page includes general information about standardized tests for college as well as when to take them, how to register and more. We’ve also given helpful resources for preparing for these tests.


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2015-16 Test Dates


Which Test? Test Date  Deadline   Late Deadline  Score Release**
ACT Sept 12, 2015 Aug 7, 2015 Aug 21, 2015 Sept 21, Oct 5, 2015
SAT Oct 3, 2015 Sept 3, 2015 Sept 22, 2015 Oct 22, 2015
ACT Oct 24, 2015 Sept 18, 2015 Oct 2, 2015 Nov 10, 17, 2015
SAT Nov 7, 2015 Oct 9, 2015 Oct 27, 2015 Nov 26, 2015
SAT Dec 5, 2015 Nov 5, 2015 Nov 23, 2015 Dec 24, 2015
ACT Dec 12, 2015 Nov 6, 2015 Nov 20, 2015 Dec 23, Jan 6, 15-16
SAT Jan 23, 2016 Dec 28, 2015 Jan 12, 2016 Feb 11, 2016
ACT Feb 6, 2016 Jan 8, 2016 Jan 15, 2016 Feb 16, 23, 2015
New SAT Mar 5, 2016 * Feb 5, 2016 Feb 23, 2016 Mar 24, 2016
ACT Apr 9, 2016 Mar 4, 2016 Mar 18, 2016 Apr 27, May 11, 2016
New SAT May 7, 2016 * Apr 8, 2016 Apr 26, 2016 May 26, 2016
New SAT June 4, 2016 * May 5, 2016 May 25, 2016 June 23, 2016
ACT June 11, 2016 May 6, 2016 May 20, 2016 June 22, 29 2016


What are the SAT and ACT?

Standardized tests that colleges use to compare applicants. Most colleges require students to have taken either the SAT or ACT.


What is the Difference?

Colleges will accept both. The differences are in content, how they are structured and how they are scored.

What’s the Difference Between the ACT and the current SAT?

Test Structure and Format ACT Current SAT
Length 3 hours, 35 min (with Writing Test) 3 hours, 45 minutes
Structure 4 Sections (English, Math, Reading, Science) plus an optional Writing Test 10 Sections (3 Critical Reading, 3 Math, 3 Writing, and 1 Experimental, which is unscored)
Scoring ACT Current SAT
Score Composite of 1-36 based on average scores from the 4 test sections
4 scores of 1-36 for each test
Optional Writing Test score of 1-36 (not included in the overall score)
Total score range of 600-2400 based on adding scores from 3 subjects
3 scores of 200-800 for each subject
Score of 0-12 for the Essay
Wrong Answer Penalty No penalty for wrong answers ¼ point subtracted from your raw score for each wrong answer (except for Math Grid-Ins)
Sending Score History You decide which score is sent You decide which score is sent
*Some colleges require you to send all scores, check with the college to be sure
Content ACT Current SAT
Reading Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension
Sentence Completions
Math Arithmetic
Algebra II
Algebra II
Science Analysis
Basic Content
Problem Solving
Not applicable
Essay Optional Final Section
40 Minutes
Not Included in Composite Score
Topic presents conversations around contemporary issues
First Section
25 Minutes
Factored into overall score
More abstract topic

What is the SAT II, or SAT Subject Test?hey jeanne  hiiiiii

Subject Tests are hour-long, content-based tests that allow you to showcase achievement in specific subject areas where you excel. SAT Subject Tests allow you to differentiate yourself in the college admission process or send a strong message regarding your readiness to study specific majors or programs in college. They provide a more complete picture of your academic background and interests ( UC schools as well as certain private schools strongly encourage that students take the subject test in addition to the SAT and/or ACT.  Keep that website citation!, not trying to plagiarize 🙂

How much do they cost?

Our students qualify to receive 2 fee waivers for each test: SAT, SAT II and ACT. This means they can take each test 2 times for FREE!

When should I take them?

Ideally, our students should take advantage of all of their fee waivers and take each test twice over the course of their junior and senior years. December of senior year is the last opportunity to take these tests for college.

Should I study?

Yes! Here are some great resources