You should start preparing for college your freshman year. It’s called a “process” for a reason. Check out our tips and resources for being prepared and getting ahead


Get good grades!!!!

  • Make sure you seek out tutoring if you are having trouble in any subject.
  • Talk to your counselor if you don’t pass a class so you can make it up the following semester or summer school..
  • Ask About YPI’s free tutoring services!
Create an Email Account

  • Gmail or Yahoo!
  • Make sure you create and appropriate username.
  • Keep Track of your passwords.
  • Check your email promptly!

  • Seek for volunteer opportunities in School Clubs/Organizations, Community Organizations,  or Church/Temple.
  • Make sure you volunteer throughout your four years of high school.  
Extra Curricular Activities

  • Get involved in Sports
  • Student Organization
  • Student Clubs
  • Leadership
  • Ask About YPI’s Summer Youth Program!
Learn About Colleges

  • Visit the College Center
  • Sign up for the college campus field trips!
  • Sign up for the college representative visits at Helen Bernstein!
  • Go online to and learn about the dirfferent college sand univerities.
Get to know your teachers!!!

  • They are a great resource to you! (Letters of recommendation!)
  • Ask them what university they went to.
  • What they studied?
  • How did they pay for school?
  • What was their college experience like?