Learn about the 10 UC schools and their requirements. We also break down the application process, including the online application and personal statements.

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Application Deadline: August 1st- November 30th

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • 3.0 GPA
  • ACT or SAT
  • C or better in all A-G Courses

(a-g table?)

  • History/social science (“a”) Two years, including one year of world history, cultures and historical geography and one year of U.S. history, or one-half year of U.S. history and one-half year of  American government or civics.
  • English (“b”)Four years of college preparatory English that integrates reading of classic and modern literature, frequent and regular writing, and practice listening and speaking.
  • Mathematics (“c”)Three years of college-preparatory mathematics that include or integrate the topics covered in elementary and advanced algebra and two- and three-dimensional geometry.
  • Laboratory science (“d”)Two years of laboratory science providing fundamental knowledge in at least two of the three disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.
  • Language other than English (“e”) Two years of the same language other than English or equivalent to the second level of high school instruction.
  • Visual and performing arts (“f”)One year chosen from dance, music, theater or the visual arts.
  • College-preparatory elective (“g”)One year chosen from the “a-f” courses beyond those used to satisfy the requirements above, or courses that have been approved solely in the elective area


How much does it cost to apply?

The application fee is $70. Most of our students qualify for a fee waiver which gives you 4 FREE APPLICATIONS. The fee waiver is applied for as part of the application


Where Should I Apply?

Apply smartly, by applying broadly. Applying to dream schools that may be a reach for you is great, but also apply to sensible schools for which you are a highly competitive applicant. Being qualified does not guarantee you acceptance, make sure you have alternative options.


University of California Tiers

(see UC hand out tiers)


The UC Application has a few components: Course/Grade entry, Awards and Activities, Personal Statement (graphic?)


Awards and Activities

(See Handout) Check out this helpful handout!


Personal Statement

This is your interview. It is a chance for you to fill in any blanks left by your application and let the reader get to know you on a more personal level. 2 Prompts, 1000 words total (maybe we do something a little more creative with this than just writing it?)

Check out this really helpful webinar on personal statements!


(http://admissions.sa.ucsb.edu/counselors link to the webinar above on this page)

Here are the prompts and a few quick tips!