It’s time to start thinking about how you can be a competitive applicant. Check out our resources and advice for sophomores.


Keep up the good work!!! Good grades and AP’s

  • Keep track of your grades make sure you are doing well in all of your classes!
  • Talk to your counselor and make sure you are taking the right classes you need to graduate and to fulfil the A-G requirements!

  • Study for the PSAT!
  • Free PSAT Tutoring online at Khan Academy!
  • Take the PSAT seriously!
  • It is a great opportunity to find out what the real SAT is going to be like.

  • Seek for volunteer opportunities in School Clubs/Organizations, Community Organizations,  or Church/Temple.
  • Make sure you volunteer throughout your four years of high school.
  • This  
Always be Involved in Extracurricular Activities!

  • Get involved in Sports
  • Student Organization
  • Student Clubs
  • Leadership
  • Ask About YPI’s Summer Youth Program!
Research Colleges!!!

  • Visit the college Center and ask us about college!!!
  • Sign up for the College and University Fields Trips!!!
  • Sign up for the college representative visits at Helen Bernstein and ask the representatives about their College!
  • Find out what College is right for you on
Apply for Scholarships!

  • Come to the College Center to learn about scholarships!
  • Go to the Financial Aid Tab in  the college center website for more scholarship informations.
  • For more scholarship opportunities create a Fastweb account to receive daily emails about scholarship opportunities!   000000